Fuentes de Algar

Fuentes de Algar – the sources of Algar – is a natural spectacle of a special kind. Only a few minutes away from the coast and the tourist resorts, surrounded by the rather dry landscape of the Costa Blanca, flows the river Algar. In the thousands of years or millions of years, the river has carved a mighty gorge. At the end of this gorge a water and recreation park – the fuentes de Algar – was created.

Fuentes de Algar – natural water park

The park was built as natural as possible. Visitors can walk around 1.5km. Always along waterfalls and large and small water basin. All in natural river basins.

Swimming and splashing

In summer, when it’s really hot on the Costa Blanca, the natural basins of the Rio de Algar offers some pleasant refreshment. At the front of the park there are shallow pools that are safe for smaller children.

In the rear area of the park, the pools will be deeper. Here adults can enjoy a refreshing dip.

Dry hike

Of course you don’t have to get any cooling, when visiting the Fonts de Algar. A walk through the park can also be enjoyed on dry ground. You can also easily reach a rest on a bench in the park enjoying the lush flora. Everywhere it blooms, everywhere it gurgles, everywhere great colors reflect in the river and in the “haze” of the Waterfalls.